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The last coupe of weeks I have been in London because of another exciting project. However, I always find the time to feed my “cake- curiosity”! It got so hectic before I left so unfortunately I did not have the time to post my best scone recipe, as promised in the latest post on How to make the perfect scones. I promise to do so when I come back home, and maybe even with some new tips from the UK capital. But for now, here is my recent cake- and chocolate favorite in London. More to come!

hotel chocolat in london

Hotel Chocolat- eat, live and smell chocolate

One of my other favorite chocolatiers is Hotel chocolat. They were founded for 20 years ago in Britain, and are now worldwide. Even in Denmark! I also just LOVE the fact that you can live in a hotel, that really is a top notch chocolatier. Oh that smell! This time I visited the one in Kensington. It was my lucky day, because they had tasting of Dark chocolate with licorice caramel. Yum! You can never go wrong in a place like this, the problem is rather how, and when to get out, because of all the endless, yummy choices. I ended up with Dark chocolate chili truffles, Chocolate with salt caramel, Dark chocolate truffles and Boozy (with rum, vodka (!) and cognac) chocolate truffles. And I have to say, as a chocolate- lover; I am a fan of their chocolate- glossary!

hotel chocolate london


That´s some it for now, I will update you on more of my cake- journey while I am in London. During the weekend I will post an exciting competition with a fantastic prize from Hotel Chocolat, so stay put. Please feel free to share your favourite cake and dessert places wherever they must be in the world!

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