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Detox juice with carrot and ginger | At Cake Chick

Detox juice with carrot and ginger

New Year, new you? Regardless if you have any New Year resolutions, or not, your body will love this healthy detox juice with carrot and ginger. Jeg lover!

detox gulrot og ingefær juice oppskrift med sitron

Many of you may have asked yourself: Where is That Cake Chick? What happened to her? Well truth to be said, the last 6 months has swallowed me RAW, and sadly I’ve had little time to share my healthy recipe creations with you guys. But the good news is: Jeg er tilbake. At Cake Chick 2016 edition! And it’s time to start the year with a RAW recipe.

So this Christmas I bought myself a Christmas gift. Ofcourse it was when I was looking for Christmas gifts to family and friends..! However I spoiled myself with a juice press.

Min “go-to” juices when I worked as a dancer and model in London and NYC was carrot and ginger juice. So here is my detox version of my carrot and ginger juice med lemon! If you are not sure why you should make this and drink it straight away, please read the several reasons below the recipe.

Healthy detox juice with carrot and ginger

This healthy detox juice with carrot and ginger is simple to make in the juicer, so few ingredients, but so packed with nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Ps. I love to put some extra ginger in the juice, as I am crazy about it!


600 grams carrots, rå

20 grams ginger, rå

1 lemon



  1. Wash all the ingredients, and cut them into suitable pieces to put into the juice press.
  2. Press the ingredients according to the juice press.
  3. Drink straight away or keep in an airtight bottle.

Tips! Juice the carrots first, and then keep the grated carrots to put in soups, stews or later eat raw. In this case you get the best from both worlds: Fresh nutrients and fibre!

Healthy facts about the detox juice with carrot and ginger

  • Carrots are propped with the fat soluble vitamin A, wich is good for the eyes and also supports collagen production in the skin.
  • Lemon has loads of vitamin C which supports the immune system and also collagen production in the skin.
  • Ingefær gives a fantastic sting and is said to fight flu, sore throats and motion sickness. It is also believed to be anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerogenic.

Godt Nyttår! Can’t wait to share loads of crazy, yummy and healthy recipes with you throught the new year!

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