Express chia and raspberry yoghurt ice- cream


I am an ice- cream girl. I must have my ice- cream, especially on hot and sunny days. I put togheter this super- healthy and express youghurt- ice cream yesterday when I had my ice- cream cravings and were sweating in the sun. Also it made me and my new food- processor best friends. You need 3 ingredients, it takes 3 minutes to make, and it is super- healthy. A proper superfood ice- cream, as it is propped full of rasberries. This is the closest i get to the world’s healthiest ice- cream!

yoghurt ice- cream

Express chia and raspberry youghurt ice- cream

3 minutes from start to finish. I promise! This makes 2 big portions yoghurt- ice cream or 1 big portion. I prefer the latter. If you do not have chia seeds, you might have to add a bit less yoghurt, as it works as a thickener. If you do not have stevia, or do not need it sweet; drop it- it is super delicious and fresh anyway.


150 grams frozen rasperry

2 teaspoons Chia seed

100 grams (1 dl)  natural yoghurt og choice (I used lactose- free natural yoghurt)

6 drops of liquid stevia


  1. Put everything in a food- processor and run until smooth and creamy. If you feel that it need more liquid, add up to 1 tablespoon water. 
  2. Put in glasses and top it with a frozen rasberry or some mint. If you have some spare yoghurt ice- cream left put them in a small box or popsicle- cases and freeze. 

healthy yoghurt ice- cream

Guilt- free facts:

  1. The yoghurt ice- cream is fat- free and only holds 65 kcal. That’s almost the same energy amount as an apple.
  2. Rasberries are anti- inflammatory and they are propped full of healthy anti- oxidants. Recent research in its early stages also propose that rasberries may increase the fat- metabolism in our fat- cells, and additionally cause less digestion and absorption of fat by decreasing a fat- digesting enzyme (pancreatic lipase). High- five for rasberries!
  3. Chia seeds are high in omega- 3 fatty acids, high in fibre and anti- oxidants. They add 2.5 grams fibre per serving yoghurt ice- cream (if 2 servings, 5 grams if 1 serving). It also helps reduce cravings as it has satiating effects with it superfood combo of fiber, protein and its gelling action.

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