Healthy Chocolate banana ice cream


healthy chocolate banana ice cream

Here in Norway it is soon winter. But that doesen’t stop me from wanting ice- cream. There is always a right time for ice- cream. I have been experimenting with healthy and soft ice- creams lately, and this is one of my favourites so far. It has a tropical flair with banana and coconut, and is made in under five minutes. And need i not to say that it is a very healthy treat. After composing this ice- cream I always have frozen bananas in the freezer!

Healthy chocolate banana ice cream

Healthy chocolate banana ice cream is Super quick, and super healthy, with a tropical twist! If you do not have all the ingredients, just check the “Tip” below, as some of the ingredients can be substituted.


1,5 frozen banana (medium size, cut in 3-4 pieces)

200 ml coconut milk (I used 17% fat)

2 tablespoons Raw cocoa powder

1 tablespoon Chia seeds


  1. Put everything into the mixer, including ca. 2/3 of the coconut milk.
  2. Turn on the food processor until it is smooth. Add coconut milk to desired consistency.
  3. Pour into 2 medium glasses or 3 small glasses. Sprinkle descinated coconut on top. Eat straight away, or if you want the ice- cream it a bit more firm, and not so soft; put it in the freezer for 20- 30 mins.


– If you want a grown- up special version you can substitute part of the coconutmilk with 1/2- 1 tablespoon Rum or some rum essence.

– If you do not have Raw cocoa, you can substitute it with normal cocoa.

– If you do not have chia seeds, you just need to add a bit less coconut milk. Try to add 100 ml first, and then add until desired consistence.

Nutritional facts for all the ice- cream (divide it by 2 if you share it with one person):

198 kcal- 15.9 carbohydrate- 2.5 dietary fibre- 2.7 protein- 15.5 fat.


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Have a great weekend!



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