Healthy food places in Los Angeles


Healthy food places in Los Angeles

It is summertime, my favourite time of year! By now you know that I LOVE to eat, but another thing that I LOVE is traveling. Food + travels = true! I have been traveling a lot, also this year. During this holiday season I will supply you with healthy and yummy travel guides (and ofcourse fresh summer recipes!). First out is The city of angeles and where to find top restaurants with healthy food, here is my: Top 10 healthy Food Places in Los Angeles!

One of my best friends, Nerony (who also is semi-vegan!), lives in Los Angeles, and I love to spend time there. The endless sun, the beaches and all the endless health choices. In any restaurant you will find healthy food choices, and nothing is too stupid to ask for. Los Angeles is for sure one of the cities in USA, in addition to NYC where it is super- easy to stay healthy, and also get inspired!

Top 10 Healthy food places in Los Angeles


Café gratitude

cafe gratitude  los angeles raw cake

Café gratitude at Venice beach is your ONE stop if you have to choose one healthy place to eat. I do not know where to begin! It is all vegan and organic, but I promise you that even the most meat- loving friend you have will love this place. They also have several delicious Raw- dishes. Fantastic for lunch, dinner og a quick snack. Their cookbook is also amazing. I love the raw and organic Key Lime Pie (pictured above)! Location also at Larchmount blvd, Santa Cruz and Berkeley


Kippys Ice- Cream

kippys ice cream los angeles

Kippys Ice- Cream is one of yoru main reasons to head down to Venice beach (in addition to Cafe Gratitude ofcourse!). They make daily fresh raw organic non- dairy coconut based ice- cream, and it is naturally sweetened with raw honey. It is so healthy and natural, that they have their own 3- day Ice- Cream cleanse. Who could say no to that?! This is the best ice- cream I have tasted in a while, and I would walk miles to get a bite of it again. A must EAT!


Choco Vivo

choco vivo los angeles

Choco Vivo in Venice beach is the first bean to bar chocolate manufacturer in LA. Just for this: You must go! Dark chocolate is healthy and filled with antioxidants, we all know that by now. Choco Vivo make all their chocolate on site (only dark chocolate over 65%), directly from the raw beans. Go for something on their hot chocolate menu, do a chocolate tasting with samples from all of their chocolates or grab a handful of bars on the go (be sure to bring the 100% cacao bar without sugar for baking)! I had to hide my bars at home, as they were so irrisistable..!



gjelina restaurant LA

This hot-spot on Abbott Kinney road (Venice beach) has gorgeous waiters, interior, food and drinks. With it’s 13 innovative organic vegetarian dishes, thin- crusted italian wood- fired pizzas, endless small plates and much more, Gjelina is sure to cater all guests around the table. I really had a har time to decide, and almost ordered the whole menu. If that was not enough you can also bring your own (healthy) cake for dessert. But be sure to book ahed (u tp 4 weeks in advance), as it is very busy!




Oliver cafe and restaurant

Oliver cafe and restaurant is next to the 25 mill. Equinox fitness centre. This is a super- hot place to grab breakfast, or even a healthy dinner before or after your work- out, or spa- appointment. Their menu is extensive; low- carb and low- calorie options in flust. One of the best things though is the “Chill- out hour” with low- carb martinis and coktails for 10 dollars each. Locations in Beverly Hills (Wilshire blvd) and West Los Angeles.

M Cafe de Chaya

M Cafe de Chaya is another place that cater all healthy senses, and it is impossible to choose one good thing from the menu. Super- yummy and innovative salads, sushi and breakfast. Try their sushis a la carte with organic brown rice or even “almond rice”, or their noodle bowl with Mircale noodles (zero- carbs and zero- calories!). And need I not to say that all their desserts, cakes and sweets are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and all natural. Locations in Melrose, Beverly Hills and Brentwood.

Greenleaf chop shop

Greenleaf chop shop is the place to go for killer- salads with innovative names. Try The antioxidant orchard with key ingredients like mint, dried cranberries, walnuts, pomegranate and blue cheese. They also have a juice bar with fresh and orgainc juices. Try the Beetbox detox or the Sangria- Licious for a super-healthy and non- alcoholic alternative! Locations at Beverly Hills and Century City.

Euphoria loves rawvolution

Euphoria loves rawvolution is the place to go to try out all raw- food. You get fresh and yummy burgers and pizzas, all catered to the raw- foodies. Their taco and mexican food with walnut- taco meat is one of my favourites!

Hugo’s restaurant

Hugo’s restaurant is the perfect place to go and get a healthy breakfast to get you going. Their eggs are from veg-fed hens, and eggs can also be changed for tofu without extra charge. Try their yummy Almond energy pancakes with quinoa, shredded coconut and fresh strawberries, or their innovative and healthy Oatmeal fritatta- propped with fibre.

Pink’s hollywood

For a non- gourmet, affordable, typical american and quick bite, drop by one of Pink’s hollywood several locations. You never know which celebrity you might see getting their noon- day dog while you are there. Pink’s is a favorite of Martha Stewart, Betty White, Bill Cosby, and Emeril Lagasse, to name a few. Their menu is definitively not super-healthy. BUT grab the Patt Morrison Baja vegan dog topped with guacamole, and you will still be on the healthy side. Or by all means, go all out with the Martha Stewart dog topped with among other things sauerkraut.

I hope you enjoy my Top 10 healthy Food Places in Los Angeles.

Have a fantastic day!

What is your favorite places to eat and workout in Los Angeles? Please share in the comments.

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