I love to eat and make ice- krem all year long! But in the summer holidays I definitively need my dose of is- krem.

The good news: It is so easy to make your own delicious and healthy ice- krem, without cutting down on taste! Check out my top recipes for how to make healthy ice- krem her. Just press the headings or photos, and they’ll take to ice-cream land!

How to make healthy ice-cream: fruit popsicle

sunn banan sjokolade popsicle

Put your favourite fruit on sticks and freeze them. You can also dip them in dark chocolate and roll them in nuts, if you like. Grapes are also genius to freeze, and enjoy on a hot summer day. My favourite fruit lollie-pop is the Express banan og sjokolade ispinne. It tastes so creamy and just like proper ice- cream should taste.

How to make healthy ice-cream: frozen yoghurt



Take advantage of the frozen berries or tropical fruits in your freezer, and turn them into real fruit sorbet by smashing them in the foodprocessor, just make sure to add some water, yoghurt or juice. If you want it sweeter; add a bit honey or stevia for example. My version of the perfect and easy express fruit and youghurt ice-cream is the Express chia and raspberry yoghurt ice- krem.

How to make healthy ice- krem: “Nice- krem”


healthy chocolate banana ice cream coconut

If you always have chunks of ripe banana in your freezer, you will always be able to make “Nice- krem”. It is just like soft ice-cream, but luckily more fresh and healthy. You’ll find my favourite “Nice- krem” recipe here: Healthy banana chocolate ice-cream.

Have a great week, and remember to enjoy your (sunne) is- cream in the sun!

Tips! If you are in Oslo (Norways capital), you need to drop by Paradis IS on Tjuvholmen and try out their delicious chocolate sorbet!

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