How to make the perfect scones


When I lived in London, one of my food- obsessions was to discover the best high- tea in town. But however grande and luxurious the presentation of the high- tea was, it all cooked down to one thing; The scones. For me a scone should be golden on the outside, easy to break into pieces and super- soft on the inside.

When baking scones I just love that they are so quick to make (and of course so good to eat..). I have done some research on how to make the perfect scones, and here are my secrets.

the perfect scones

How to make the perfect scones


  1. Use the right flour. Low in protein, so that the scones is soft and tender, and not chewy. The Tipo 00 flour is very fine, and good to use.
  2. Use COLD ingredients. Especially the butter. An additional tip is to cool the bowl you are mixing it in, and put the milk in the freezer for 10 min before baking. If the ingredients (or your hands) are to warm, your scones will get heavy.
  3. Work quickly and lightly. Do not work the dough to much. This is the opposite of other breads with yeast; kneading will convert the protein to gluten, and that will make your scone chewy. The dough do not need to be super smooth.
  4. Folding technique. When working your scones roll them, and then layer them twice, and roll in between. This will produce flakey, layers scones.
  5. Give them the perfect, clean cut, and use the sharpest knife you have or tart- cutter. Push, do not twist the cutter. Do not touch the cut edges. If you do the scones might not rise as well.
  6. Do not over bake the scones and cook them near the top of the oven, even if using a fan. As soon as the edges turn golden, take them out. Cool them down on a wire rack, and not on the hot plate, as this will dry them out.
  7. Do not roll your dough less than an 1/2 inch/2.5 cm thick.


Did you know:

  • More butter in the dough will make your scones last longer. But for me a scone is best fresh out of the oven.
  • You can also freeze them for up to 3 months, and reheat them in the oven for 10-15 min when you want to eat them.
  • If you cut your scones well, you can put them close to each other as they will not spread out.

These secrets are from my own experience baking scones, and from some research (preparedpantry and The guardian)

Stay tuned the next couple of days for my favorite scone recipe!

Please feel free to share your scone secrets and your favorite place for high- tea.

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  1. Lotta Lagerlöf says:

    Jag ser fram mot receptet på perfekta scones. Jag är så imponerad att du går så grundligt tillväga.

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