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You know by now that I love my kake og desserts, I love experimenting and making new and healthy versions av kake classics (without compromising on taste!), and finally that I love sharing it with you. I have some news for you:

At Cake Chick is so lucky to be among the Topp 5 Healthy dessert blogs på “E.T trains” made by health and fitness coach; Eirin!

This is what “E.T. trains” writes about At Cake Chick as one of the topp 5 dessert blogs:

“No one makes cake healthy like Maria, At Cake Chick. With her passion for food and baking that she shares with grace, there is something for everyone. There aren’t as many recipes here, but the ones that are are incredibly well-thought-out and practiced so you can create a perfect dessert every time. Try the popular mørk sjokolade banan kake.”

At Cake Chick could not be happier, and more inspired to make even more yummy and healthy treats to share with you! I also advise you to check out the four other Healthy dessert blogs on the Topp 5 healthy dessert blogs, as they are great.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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One Response to That Cake Chick awarded Top 5 Healthy dessert blog

  1. Congratulations!! 😀

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