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Topp 3 flours to use in healthy baking | At Cake Chick

Topp 3 flours to use in healthy baking

What flour is best to use in healthy baking and in healthy cakes?

Many of you might find it hard to start out trying out new sunne kake oppskriftene, because of the many “new” ingredients, and especially flours that I use in my sunne bakervarer oppskrifter. Here is a helping hand when it comes to the most important healthy flours that I use, and why.

Most of the healthy flours are more expensive than white flour to buy, but I promise you one package lasts “forever” and more important: It is SO much better for your health, mind and body (and more yummy!). I use other flours than the 3 listed below too, but these are my Topp 3 flours to use in healthy baking.


Topp 3 flours to use in healthy baking

enkel sunn eple og kanel muffins oppskrift


If I would advise you to buy one type flour it would be almond flour. But you would be much better out if you also have Coconut flour and Oatmeal flour by hand (se nedenfor)! Almond flour is naturally gluten- fri, low in carbohydrates, contains antioxidants as vitamin E, and boosts 40 grams protein per 100 gram mandel mel.

My recipe of Healthy apple and cardamomme muffins are made of mandel mel (avbildet ovenfor).

Protein: 40% Fiber: 20% Karbohydrater: 4% Fat: 11% Energy: 315 kalorier

Tips! I use the Mandelmel (fettredusert) produced by the Scandinavian “Funksjonell mat” eller “Sukrin” (international).

sunt blåbær pannekake oppskrift

Kokos mel

Coconut flour is also a gluten- free flour that is low in carbohydrates, but it holds less protein than almond flour, but over 50% fiber! Coconut flour also has a less distinct taste, than almond flour, if you do not like that.

Try my creation of the fresh and delicious Friske blåbær pannekaker made with kokos mel (avbildet ovenfor).

Protein: 19% Fiber: 50% Karbohydrater: 9% Fat: 11% Energy: 320 kalorier

Tips: I use the Kokos mel (fettredusert) produced by the Scandinavian “Funksjonell mat” eller “Sukrin” (international).

sunn banan kake oppskrift

Oatmeal flour

When it comes to havregryn mel it is as a matter of fact naturally gluten- fri, but most of the havregryn mels produced contain traces of gluten. So if you need your sunne bakervarer oppskrifter to be totally gluten- fri you can either make your own in the food processor with oatmeal, or buy gluten- fri havregryn mel. It is the cheapest of all the basic healthy flours that I use, but contains most energy, least protein and fibres. It is not a low carb option as it holds 60% karbohydrater. That said; Det er flott for baking, and very easy to succeed with!

Just try it in one of my favourite creations Sunn banan pudding kake (avbildet ovenfor).

Protein: 12% Fiber: 8% Karbohydrater: 60% Fat: 7% Energy: 370 kalorier

Tips! It is very easy to make your own havregryn mel, but it tend to be a bit less grounded than the one you get in store. You can get gluten- free oatmeal flour online or in the local shop.

What flours do you prefere? Please comment and share your experiences in the comments.

Happy healthy baking!

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