This blog is about healthy baking with natural sugar and natural sugar substitutions. The healthy cakes recipe , that I bake are often wheat-free-, gluten-free or lactose- free and refined sugar free. They are very often also propped with fiber and protein and other goodies that my body enjoy. I love my healthy cakes and my work- out.

Yes to both!

I hope you enjoy sweetness in life in different ways as much as me, and that you will follow my everyday journey in the search for that perfect dash of sugar.

that cake chick with baby boy shower cake

Who is That Cake Chick?

In addition to That Cake Chick, people call me Maria Arlén (as well as many other things..!). I am born and raised in Northern- Norway, in a small, beautiful city called Tromso known for its majestic mountains, wild Northern- lights and endless summer nights with the Midnight sun.


I have a huge passion for food. I love to bake cakes, eat cakes, smell cakes and give cakes AND generally eat GOOD food. I have always been a “chocolate” child. The first cake I can remember was my first birthday cake, baked by my Godmother. She baked it all for me to enjoy, and you bet I did! I soon turned out to be a chocoholic on the inside as well. So no surprise, the first cake I baked was a Chocolate cake. And most often the last one I bake (hopefully more moist than the first one I baked..).

Maria Arlén Larsen. Foto: Marius Fiskum / www.mariusfiskum.no

My cake- and food journey further developed when I lived in New York City for one year as a professional dancer and model, and in London for the next. In addition to bake and eat cake I work as a medical doctor, and finishing my PhD about nutrition, fat metabolism and obesity. I am also a columnist for two norwegian women magazines “Det Nye” and “Shape Up”. I love food and all that comes with it, I love to dance, I love people and I love traveling.

Skjermbilde 2013-09-05 kl. 21.55.48

But most of all I love life!

Have your cake and eat it too!

“For me baking is a way of being creative. And to eat cakes, of course. And I can because the healthy cake recipes I compose are nourishing, as well as good. For me; the healthy cake recipes should be at least as good as the normal cake recipes, if not even better! You can eat my cakes, and still have an healthy and happy body.”

Healthy Cake Recipe

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  1. Ellen Bostad says:

    Heisann Maria! Her var det mange gode fristelser å finne! Praktisk å ha bloggen din til hjelp når jeg skal bake.Svigerdatterea mi har intoleranse for både gluten,laktose soya og egg,så det kreves litt tålmodighet og fatasi når jeg skal bake og lage mat som hun kan nyte! Ønsker deg ett kjempefint og spennende nyttår i 2014:) vennlig hilsen Ellen(kjøkkendama på Post2(SAB) Sykehuset Levanger

    1. thatcakechick Author says:

      Hei Ellen! Så hyggelig å høre, det gleder meg! Det gjør det absolutt, alle oppskriftene mine er for glutenfrie og laktosefrie, men de fleste inneholder egg. Om du vil prøve uten egg kan du bruke egg- erstatning, har selv ikke prøvd dette ut på oppskriftene mine, men det er verd et forsøk. Kanskje jeg skal lage en eggfri oppskrift til ære for deg da! 🙂 Godt nyttår til deg og, og lykke til med bakingen! Maria

  2. My sister and I write this blog:SSF. I put her name on it Dr. Eva. It’s more impressive. I was looking to buy Rice Malt syrup and found your blog. Very informative! I too love chocolate! Kindred spirits!

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