I love creating new and healthy dessert recipes and healthy cake recipes, but it has to be easy to make and no- frills. And I love my cakes. Below you will find some of the recipes I have created so far. If there is some recipes you would like me to make a healthy version of I would love to get your comments below. Every cake can be transformed to a healthy cake, and it should taste just as good as the original recipe, if not better. Below the recipe gallery, you will find a structured index. Enjoy!


Soft salted coconut caramels (V-DF-GF)

Healthy mulled hot apple drink (non- alcoholic cider)

Healthy caramel sauce with coconut

Healthy light chocolate frosting

Healthy carrot cake recipe

The perfect Pavlova recipe- simple and healthy

Healthy fudge brownies

Healthy lemon meringue pie

Healthy chocolate layer cake

Healthy banana pudding cake

Simple cinnamonrolls made skinny

Healthy chocolate chip almond cookies

Healthy chocolate chip cookies

Healthy orange and almond cake

Dark chocolate banana brownie

Protein cinnamon swirl muffins

Healthy apple and cardamom muffins


Healthy spiced anise rolls

Healthy waffle recipe- gluten free and fat free

The perfect scone recipe

Healthy oatmeal and almond scones

Healthy scones with oatmeal

Healthy apple and cinnamon biscuits

Healthy ginger snap cookies

Homemade almond butter

The world’s healthiest chocolate frosting

Dark chocolate hearts

Healthy dark bounty chocolate

Healthy raw chocolate oat balls (nut free)

Healthy chocolate banana ice- cream

Express chia and raspberry ice- cream

Express banana and chocolate popsicle

Spicy chocolate gelato with coffee


Healthy blueberry pancakes (gluten-free)

Healthy apple and almond pancakes

Healthy almond pancakes

Fluffy protein pancakes

Cottage cheese power breakfast


Healthy cake recipes

– have your cake and eat it too

“For me baking is a way of being creative, it should be fun and easy. And to eat cakes, of course. And I can because the healthy cake recipes I compose are nourishing, as well as good. For me; the healthy cake recipes should be at least as good as the normal cake recipes, if not even better! You can eat my cakes, and still have an healthy and happy body.”

Healthy Cake Recipe

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