Ice- cream and no bakes

Healthy ice- cream recipes

I love ice- cream, and I can eat it all year long, summer and winter. When I make ice- cream I want it to go fast, and it has to be easy. Since I prefer to eat as much as I desire, I love creating healthy ice- cream recipes, that is nourishing, easy to make and “guilt- free”. Most of them are also lactose- free ice cream recipes. On this page you will also find other things that does not need to be baked, for example The worlds healthiest chocolate frosting, with a secret ingredient and an homemade almond butter recipe. You will find an index underneath the photo gallery. If you are missing a recipe; please let me know, and I will transform your favorite ice- cream or frosting recipe to a healthier version!

Healthy caramel sauce with coconut

Healthy dark bounty chocolate

Healthy dark chocolate hearts

Healthy banana and chocolate popsicle

Spicy chocolate gelato with coffee

Healthy chia and raspberry yoghurt ice- cream

Homemade almondbutter

The worlds healthiest chocolate frosting

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