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Healthy baking recipes

The smell of fresh baking in the kitchen make me weak in my knees. These yummy and healthy baking recipes, will fulfill your tastebuds wishes, and make your body good. Note; the perfect scone recipe is not on the healthy, side- but it is a research I have done to make the worlds best scone recipe. If you want a super- healthy scone try out the Healthy scones with oatmeal or the amazing Healthy apple and cinnamon biscuits. Below the photo gallery, you will find the index. Please let me know in the comments below if you want me to transform your favorite baking recipe to an healthier version. I would be happy to!

Healthy spiced anise rolls

Healthy apple and cinnamon biscuits

Healthy scones with oatmeal

The perfect scone recipe

Simple cinnamonrolls made skinny





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2 Responses to scones, buns and bread

  1. Do you have any recipes for healthier cupcakes? They are my ultimate sin! Your other recipes are exceptional by the way!

    • thatcakechick says:

      Hi! Yes, as a matter a fact I do. I also looove cupcakes. I haven´t published them here on the blog, but I promise that I will do it soon, so stay posted. What is your favorite cupcake flavors? Cheers, Maria

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