Pancakes for breakfast, please!


As you may have noticed, if you have read my posts, I am a huge fan of pancakes. Anytime really, but especially for breakfast. There are endless versions of pancakes, and so many eays to eat them as well.

The really great thing about pancakes for breakfast is that you have two options:

  1. Make them when you wake up and eat them fresh.
  2. Make them ahed, and heat them up in the frying pan or microvawe, or even eat them cold (yes, you heard me!).

The fantastic thing about pancakes, in addition that they are delicious, is that they contain good amounts of protein and nutrients. This is mainly because of the egg content (a fantastic source of protein).

Did you know that eggs contain almost all the nutrients the body need, except vitamin C?! Protein do not only give more and longer satiety, but it also maintain muscles, or reduce loss muscles.

Here are some of my favourite pancakes recipes:

Fluffy protein pancakes

protein pancakes recipe



Healthy almond pancakes

healthy low carb gluten free almond pancakes


Healthy blueberry pancakes

healthy blueberry pancake recipe


Healthy apple and almond pancakes


healthy apple and almond pancakes



What is your pancake topping? Have a great weekend!

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