The perfect healthy Tiramisu recipe


healthy tiramisu recipe

The perfect healthy Tiramisu recipe

One of my all time favourite desserts (including everything with chocolate) is the italian dessert Tiramisu. It is so comforting, soft and light. When I visited Rome I had a project where I tried to find THE best Tiramisu. This was an harder task than expected, and I was not satisfied even after tasting a total of 21 Tiramisu desserts. The gelattos on the other hand.. But that is another story..! Anyway, so my only chance was to try to compose the perfect Tiramisu recipe myself.

For me the perfect Tiramisu has to contain enough cream cheese, not be too sweet, and not too much whipped cream. The lady fingers also has to be more than enough soaked in coffee and liqour (..or orangejuice if you are under 18/21 years old).

I did find the prefect tiramisu recipe it, and I have now developed it into a much more perfect healthy Tiramisu recipe. But believe me, you won´t notice! It is so GOOD!

The perfect healthy Tiramisu recipe

This is the perfect dessert after a nice dinner, or just as a weekend treat. It keeps well in the fridge, and is very easy to make. The healthy Tiramisu is low fat, and contains no refined sugar. A perfectly guilt-free treat, in addition to be the perfect healthy tiramisu recipe.


400 grams low fat cream cheese

600 grams vanilla quark (or greek yoghurt with vanilla)

5 eggyolks

0,5 decilitres raw acacia honey

2-3 teaspoons gelatin powder (+ 2 tablespoons water) or 2 gelatin plates

1 teaspoon powdered vanilla (or vanilla seeds)

2-3 decilitres strong coffee

8 tablespoons cointreu or cognac (for a alcohol free version use orange juice)

100 grams lady fingers (gluten- free if you need that)


  1. Brew the strong coffee, and add the Cointrau. Leave to cool
  2. Whisk the eggyolk and the honey until light yellow and airy.
  3. Blend in the low fat cream cheese, the vanilla powder and the vanilla quark. Taste if you think it is sweet enough, if not add a bit more honey.
  4. Blend the gelatin with water as instructed on the package. Then mix it in with the cream cheese and egg-mix, until perfectly mixed.
  5. Soak the ladyfingers one by one in the coffee- mix. Make sure they are well soaked, and put them in the bottom of single serving glasses or a bigger cake-tin.
  6. Pour over the cream cheese mix, and sift some qood quality cacao powder on top, until well covered.
  7. Leave to cool for 3-5 hours. Enjoy!

Have a super-duper weekend! I hope you also enjoy my perfect healthy tiramisu recipe. AND please share your Tiramisu creations with me on Instagram @thatcakechick and tag #thatcakechick for a possible feature.

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The perfect healthy tiramisu recipe
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