Soft coconut salted caramels


These soft coconut salted caramels with a healthy twist are definitively worth a try, at least if you love soft, chewy caramels and coconut as much as me! As a plus you can serve these to all of your friends, as they are dairy-free, gluten-free and even vegan.

soft salted coconut caramels

Somehow I love exotic fruits. Coconut, banana, kiwi, pineaple, pomengranate- you name it! It all goes down. Maybe it is my Jamaican mix, or my constant search for sunshine and colours in my everyday life that draws me to them. However, my love for exotic fruits is very well incorporated into these amazingly soft caramels.

Some say it is hard to make caramels. I say it’s not that hard. Trust me! At least after you have tried these soft coconut caramels. But you can’t leave the casserole when you are making soft salted coconut caramels..!

Soft coconut salted caramels


1 tin refrigerated coconut milk, full fat or 17% (400 ml)

100 grams coconut sugar

50 grams acacia honey

1 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons coconut chips


  1. Use only the hard part of the refrigerated coconut milk to make the soft coconut salted caramels, and pour it into a casserole. Heat on low heat, and add the rest of the ingredients (except the coconut chips).
  2. Simmer on low heat, and stir occasionaly. Use a sugar termometer, until the degree 120 degrees celcius, or until the caramel turns into a soft ball if you add some of it to a cold glass of water.
  3. Pour the caramel into e bread tin, drizzle over coconut chips and refrigerate until ready. Divide it into squares with a sharo knife, and keep it refrigerated in a air-thight box.

Enjoy your soft coconut salted caramels at once, or save them for later! 

Psst! have you tried out the salted caramel sauce with coconut?! It’s amazing on ice-cream!



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