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Christmas is my favourite time of year! This year I have been so busy, so that I start with my gift search first now.. But my loved ones will for sure get an healthy Christmas gift this year. I love to surprise the people that I love. It’s always worth putting that extra bit of effort into finding the perfect gift; after all, nobody wants to be lumped with ten generic boxes of biscuits in the New Year. To help you (and me..) out, I’ve found five of healthy christmas gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-for people.

Whole Preserved Lemons

For a friend
A pretty jar with preserved food is always a thoughtful and tasty option. My homemade almond butter is always a treat at Christmas time, or why not try making a whole lemon preserve? The lemons can be used in slow cooked dishes like tagines, while the oil works well as a marinade (the picture above from The Harvard Common press pinterest)
Healthy xmas gift for boss

For your boss
I get a real kick out of receiving something that’s beautifully wrapped, so I’d love this Broadway Basketeers Gourmet hamper on my desk. It contains all you could need for satisfying those mid morning snack cravings in a healthy way. The one above costs 24 US dollars from Amazon, but it is also SO easy to make it yourself, and much cheaper.
neoflam cloc poly xmas mum

For Mum
In our family, we always showed our love through preparing good food, and I firmly believe in having the right cookware to work with. Neoflam products are free from any harmful chemicals and are designed for integrated function as ovenware, serving dishes and storage (picture above from Neoflam). And they are definitively perfect for prepping meals and planning ahed, if your mother is into that.
healthy xmas dad gift quad bike

For Dad
He may not want a gym membership, but it’s important to remind your Dad to stay fit and active. Buy him a pedometer (21 US dollars) and challenge him to complete 10,000 steps daily, buy him a pedometer App (For example the free- and super motivating option; The Walk- fitness tracker and game which is developed by The UK department for health and NHS). It’s a great tool to monitor how much activity you’re getting during the day. If he is more into bicycling buy him a Quadbike iphone case (69 US dollars). It is the perfect support for his iphone when bicycling, and it protects from wind and rain.

healthy banana pudding cake recipe

For your partner
In today’s busy world, most of us just want to spend time with our partners. Why not give that gift for Christmas? Organise a hike, take your partner on a surprise trip, bake a cake (I’d recommend my Healthy banana pudding cake!) or make home made vouchers to be exchanged for treats. I’d love to find one of this all natural Elmental herbology botanical body repair oil in my stocking! Or you can impress by making an edible body oil yourself. To make an edible Sweet almond body oil combine: Combine = 0,45 dl/ 1.5 ounces of sweet almond oil with 0,3 dl/1 ounce of grape seed oil, 0,3 dl/1 ounce of apricot kernel oil, and 0,15 dl/0,5 ounce of sunflower oil. This makes ca. 1,2 dl/ 4 ounces of finished body oil.

I hope you have a wonderful Advent, and good luck on finding OR making that special healthy Christmas gift for your loved one!


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